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Humble TX Police Arrest Teen for Assaulting Autistic Teen

Harris County Precinct 4 constables have arrested a teen accused of bullying and assaulting a 13-year-old teen with autism.

Carson Thompson, 13, is still dealing with the pain from an alleged bullying incident last week. He ended up with a broken wrist from the incident.

Carson said it all started on the bus home from his school.

"I blew a bubble and had gum on my face. They were making fun of that a little. They weren’t doing anything that was affecting me. I just ignored them," he said.

Carson said the bullying escalated once he got off the bus and was harassed as he walked home.

"One of them gives me hits me and slaps me it didn’t hurt too much and I just kept going...Another kid, he makes me fall and well this happens," he said, referring to his broken wrist.

Carson's family took him to a hospital and called the police. 

"Really sad for him because no one deserves to be hurt like that. Carson is the most gentle, kind kid you'll meet. I was like, why Carson?" asked his mom, Abbie Hershey. 

Carson is back at home recovering from the ordeal, but this unfortunately isn't the first time he’s dealt with bullies.

"I have been beaten up and insulted before," said Thompson. 

Thompson says he’s learned to deal with bullies and has some advice for those who find themselves in a similar situation.

"Try to tune it out, talk to someone about it tell someone. Cause you to have to tell someone. And ignore it as much as you can," said Thompson. 

His family hopes this horrible ordeal can help bring awareness to this problem, especially for those who might be the aggressors.

"Parents should take their time to talk to their kids treating everyone with respect regardless if they like them," said Hershey. 

Thompson's mom says she probably won't send her son back to school. She said will try to do virtual learning for him out of fear of retaliation.  

The Precinct 4 Constables Office responded to the call and arrested the bully, who's charged with injury to a disabled person.

Experts tell us Carson did precisely what kids are supposed to do. Ignore the kids and go to an adult for help.

Humble ISD has set up a bullying page on its website where parents can find information about and resources.

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