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Irving Police SWAT Team Impresses at 2023 TTPOA SWAT Competition

Over the weekend, the Irving Police SWAT team showcased their skills at the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association's 2023 SWAT Competition in Round Rock, Texas. The team secured the 12th position overall, demonstrating their dedication and expertise in various exercises.

Irving SWAT excelled in several challenges, notably achieving 3rd place in hostage rescue. These achievements were the result of months of rigorous training undertaken by the officers on top of their regular duties.

The TTPOA SWAT Competition, spanning four days, brought together SWAT team members and active military personnel from across the United States. Focused on teamwork, the competition rigorously tested participants' communication, precision shooting, physical endurance, and tactical abilities.

One unique aspect of the competition was its blind events, where officers received crucial information just before each challenge began. This setup simulated real-world intelligence gathering and stress, adding an element of authenticity to the exercises.


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