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Dallas, Texas News

Dallas Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison For Shooting Girlfriend at Waffle House

In a trial that unfolded at the Dallas County Courthouse, Garrett Scott Hunter, the defendant, was found guilty of Aggravated Assault with Serious Bodily Injury. The prosecution team, led by Julie Johnson and assisted by Mackensie Pfleger, successfully presented their case, ultimately securing a conviction for the defendant.

The charges stemmed from an incident in which Hunter, incensed after his girlfriend refused to pick him up in the cold, confronted her at her workplace, the Waffle House. He allegedly shot her in the chest while she sat in her car. At the trial, the defendant contended that the firearm had accidentally discharged, but the prosecution argued otherwise.

The State built a compelling case using a series of jail calls made by the defendant to the victim, who was still hospitalized and suffering from severe injuries, including a perforated lung, as a result of the shooting. These recorded conversations played a pivotal role in establishing that Hunter had intentionally shot the victim, contradicting his claim of an accidental discharge.

Additionally, it was revealed during the proceedings that Hunter was already on felony probation for a separate incident involving the assault of a relative at the time of the offense.

The jury's verdict was "GUILTY," and the defendant has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Furthermore, this sentence will be stacked with an additional 10 years in prison due to a probation revocation related to an Assault Family Violence charge.

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