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Fort Worth, Texas News

Fort Worth Takes Flight with Drone Delivery Service

Residents of Fort Worth will witness a groundbreaking event this Thursday as Wing, an aviation company specializing in drone delivery, launches its service in the city. The activation, set to take place at the Walmart located at 8520 N. Beach St. from 2 to 6 p.m., marks the introduction of commercial drone deliveries to a major U.S. metropolitan area.

Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google), has developed a fleet of small, electric aircraft capable of swiftly transporting essential items such as food, medicine, and household goods directly to customers' homes. With over 200,000 successful test flights since 2012, including tens of thousands of commercial deliveries across North America, Europe, and Australia, Wing is poised to revolutionize local shopping experiences.

"This initiative not only enhances convenience for residents but also aligns with our commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions," stated a Wing spokesperson. The service aims to reduce traffic congestion, emissions, and provide faster online ordering options, reflecting Fort Worth's progressive stance in the global technological landscape.

At the Walmart activation event, residents can interact with Wing team members to learn more about the service, place real-time orders via a mobile app, and witness firsthand the potential of drone technology in enhancing daily life.

The launch builds upon Walmart's strategic partnerships with Wing and other drone companies like Zipline, which is set to expand its service across 22 stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, focusing initially on health sector deliveries.

Information about Zipline

  • Every 70 seconds there is a Zipline delivery being made around the world somewhere.
  • Flights are autonomous missions from point A to point Z, with a remote-operations control center in North Carolina that monitors the network.
  • They are currently testing for all harsh weather conditions (rain, wind, heat) to determine what weather envelope is flyable.

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