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UPS Driver Lonnie Lopez from Irving TX Achieves 30 Years Safe Driving

UPS drivers log hundreds of miles a day, in fact the road is where they spend the majority of their career. Who better to give advice on sharing the road and avoiding a crash.

A native of Irving, Texas, Lonnie has been on the same route for 20 years. With zero accidents over his career, Lonnie is an authority on safe driving.

Teaching others

Lonnie tells his kids, who are driving now, “You see how your eyes are constantly moving when you play your video game, looking for danger to pop up from any corner? That’s how you have to drive.”

Lonnie says keep your eyes moving means, you’re always looking for someone to put you at risk of a crash.

Look out at intersections

“When the light turns green count 1,2,3, and look left, right, left,” says Lonnie. “People are always running the light and they are usually speeding. It’s a split second decision that can take your life.”

Conditions change

Avoid backing if you can. If you have to back into a parking spot, back first, because conditions change and you have the best view of your surroundings on approach.”

Relationships make the job

His route is 80% business and the rest is residential. “I started when I was 18, and I’ve grown up with my customers. I go to graduations and funerals. We’re like family.”

Close calls

“I see near misses all day long, non-stop,” says Lonnie. “Many people are still texting while on the road.” He says, “Just pull over or wait. It’s not worth it.”

Patience please

Lonnie says he’s noticed drivers these days have much less patience. “Give folks a little space and forgiveness, you never know what’s going on in their world at that moment.”

Fun fact

Lonnie is a die-hard Cowboys fan and grew up loving Roger Staubach.

Globally, 10,779 active UPS drivers are members of the Circle of Honor. Collectively, they've racked up 15 billion safe miles during their careers. It’s enough to circle the earth at the equator about 600,000 times.

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