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North Texas Woman Attacked by Shark While on Vacation in Florida

A North Texas woman is still in the hospital after surviving a shark attack June 29 during a trip in Florida, according to the Miami Herald. Lindsay Bruns, a 35-year-old mother of two girls, was bitten in the leg. She’s had 11 blood transfusions and three surgeries because of the attack, the Herald reported. Bruns, from Flower Mound, has had the tissue and muscle in her leg reconstructed and is waiting to see if all that tissue survives. Luke Bruns, Lindsay Bruns’ husband, dove into the water to bring his wife back to their pontoon boat after the attack, according to the Herald.

All things considered, she is doing very well,” Luke Bruns said. “She was in near perfect health before this.” The attack happened in the Florida Keys while the family was on vacation there, according to the Herald. The Herald reported that the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission released an incident report on the attack. On July 1, spokesman Jason Rafter confirmed a woman had been bitten but provided no other details. Shark attacks are rare in Florida and especially in the Florida Keys, according to the Herald. According to the report, Lindsay Bruns jumped into the water, about 10 feet deep, clear and calm, before sunset, the Herald reported. Luke Bruns was looking away when he heard a splash he didn’t think could have been made by his wife, then turned to find blood in the water.

Lindsay Bruns was left with a half-circle-shaped wound on her right leg, the report said. The wound extended from the top of her hip to just above her knee and appeared to be caused by a serrated impact with puncture marks consistent with a shark attack. Lindsay Bruns was taken to the hospital via air ambulance and received blood transfusions along the way, according to the Miami Herald.

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