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Irving Resident Starts Change Petition to Oppose Adjustments to Garbage Pickup by City

Kimberly Macye has started a petition on to "SAY NO TO GARBAGE COLLECTION CHANGES IN THE CITY OF IRVING!"

Her post reads...

Starting October 1st, 2022 the City of Irving will change our garbage pick up schedules to 4 zones with once weekly collection.  The City claims that this will be an "interim" plan while they conduct a year long study to determine a path forward for our solid waste services.  The expense for this study is estimated to be in excess of $100,000 dollars.  We contend that this is a first step to forcing YOU to use these large, heavy, unsanitary garbage bins. The cons of these unwanted bins include but are not limited to:

  • They are difficult to maneuver, especially for many seniors and those on hilly elevations or with steep driveways
  • They absorb odors inviting bacterial and mold growth, vermin and other pests 
  • Not all Irving homes have a readily available area to dedicate to ongoing bin storage.  These homes will have no alternative but to store their unsightly, unsanitary bins in full view of your street
  • Homes with narrow streets or a need to use street parking have even less room available for bins or the new equipment necessary to pick up the bins
  • The new equipment required to pick up the bins would be another expensive investment to be made with our tax dollars and waste service charges
  • Large items, like bins, on our streets will cause safety hazards for children, pets, walkers, motorists and more
  • Not all residents will feel compelled to act responsibly with their bins, leaving them out and/or at the street on a permanent basis

Many straw polls have already occurred on multiple social media sites used by Irving residents, the results of those polls have been overwhelmingly opposed to changes to our collection services. If the City continues down this path, and we are comfortable that is their unspoken plan, they will spend a wasteful $100,000 on a study when the residents have already spoken, albeit informally. If the City implements garbage collection using these bins your neighborhood will experience a greatly diminished appearance, increased pest activity and in some cases for some residents, risk of personal injury.  Use of these bins will create less personal storage space and an unsanitary environment at your home.  Unnecessary friction and uncomfortable interactions will occur between you and your your less responsible neighbors.

Make your voice known on this issue by joining the opposition effort. Sign this today so it can be shared with City decision makers in all haste.  Time is of the essence.

To sign her petition click here

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