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City of Irving Plans for the Future Include Accessibility Updates as per ADA

For more than 30 years, the City of Irving has been committed to providing accessible city facilities and services to the public. As a government entity, Irving is required to meet the standards of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which took effect in 1992. Title II requires governments to provide public access to services, buildings and public activities in nearly every case.

The timing of the ADA is important because by 1992 Irving was already about 60% of its current population. A good portion of the city was built before there were any ADA requirements. 

Determining the scope of remediation needed, as well as planning for and executing remedies, is administered through the city’s ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition plans. The self-evaluation is an assessment of city facilities for compliance with accessibility standards. This report is used to create the Transition Plan, which prioritizes the remedies needed.   As the budget allows, remedies are implemented.


  • All Irving public sidewalks — more than 800 miles — have been surveyed. Many were installed before the ADA standard. The replacement process has started and will continue until completed.
  • More than 70 city public buildings have been inspected, and noncompliance has been documented. The Criminal Justice Center and Jack D. Huffman Community Building are the first two slated for repairs, which will begin this fall.
  • More than half of the city’s 80 public parks have been inspected and evaluated for compliance with accessibility standards.   
  • More than 75% of the 212 signalized intersections have been evaluated for compliance. 

This extensive effort is ongoing and will continue until all city assets are evaluated. The public is encouraged to submit concerns and complaints regarding accessibility at city facilities and through city services at


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