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When Is The Best Time To Move?

Moving is often stressful as it involves a lot of planning and organization. Before moving, you must get the best service provider or facility and have everything packed and secured. Remember that the process of moving, both physically and mentally, can take a few months. On the other hand, it can also be an excellent opportunity to start fresh and have a new experience.  

A significant consideration when relocating is the time of year. It's essential to plan the relocation such that it causes minimal disruption to your daily life. Moreover, it would be best if you also considered factors such as the cost of moving, finances, and weather. This way, you'll be able to settle into your new place much faster and better.  

That said, this article will further discuss when is the best time to move:  

Once You Find Professional Movers  

Typically, moving involves packing, loading, and offloading your belongings. As always, you'd expect everything to be in good condition, so you don't have to spend money repairing, buying new items, or following up with insurance. Therefore, look for a service provider you can trust to move your things to your new place. It would be best to find professional movers by researching online for reputable sites, such as  

However, to ensure that you have the best movers, start your search about three months before the day of moving. Good movers are always in demand, and finding when they're available for hire can be challenging. 

Additionally, check on things that can help you get the right movers, such as reviews, insurance, rates, and their reputation. Once you've found a mover you can trust, that could be the best time to move.  


When There Are Fewer People Moving  

Generally, more people move in the summer when school is out. This means increased demand for moving services, including trucks and storage facilities. This also translates to higher costs and longer waiting times.  

Therefore, if you're working on a budget, it’s best to avoid the summer season for moving. Fall or spring is the ideal time as fewer people are competing for the services of movers and storage facilities. This allows you to get better deals from movers and even save money on the overall cost. 

Spring and Summer Seasons  

If you're moving within the same city, the best time to move is during spring or summer. This is because these two seasons are characterized by relatively warm temperatures that make moving around from one place to another easier. Moreover, only a little rain will be encountered, meaning you can quickly move your belongings to the new place without worrying about damage from water.  

In addition, if you have school-aged children, summer is an ideal time to move. This is because they are out of school, meaning you don't have to disrupt their academic schedule when moving. However, it’s essential to note that some cities or locations experience severe weather conditions in summer or spring, such as extreme heat and rainfall. Therefore, it is always wise to check the forecast for both seasons before deciding when to move. 

When You're Psychologically Prepared  

Moving also involves a lot of emotional weight and mental preparation. Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed or anxious about the whole process. Therefore, it’s crucial to take your time to prepare psychologically before embarking on the move. This can help reduce stress and make moving easier for you.  

The best way to prepare yourself psychologically is to plan. Make a list of the items that need to be moved, and think about how you’ll organize each room in your new place. It would also help if you researched more and got tips about the new place to adapt quickly. Once you are mentally ready and have taken care of all the necessary details, you can decide on the best time to move. 

During Weekdays  

Most people prefer to move during weekends and holidays, making it difficult for movers to be primarily available on weekends. Consequently, moving on weekdays can be convenient because you will find fewer people moving at the same time as you. It reduces competition for services such as rental trucks and storage facilities. 

Moreover, movers charge higher rates during weekends due to the high demand for their services. Thus, you can save money on the move by looking for a mover on a weekday when they are less busy and can offer you a discount or lower rates.  

When Renting or Leasing Expires

If you're moving into a new rental or leased property, the best time to move is when your current lease or rental period ends. It gives you ample time to plan and organize your move without the pressure of moving out within a short time frame. Additionally, having a lease or rental that is ending ensures that you're not breaking any terms of the contract.

Also, it's essential to consider the occupancy date if you're moving into a new property being rented or leased. Some properties may have specific dates when you're allowed to move in, and others may have flexible move-in dates. However, confirming with the landlord or property management company is always wise to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.

When Finances Are in Order

Finally, the best time to move is when you're financially stable. Moving can be expensive, and you need to have enough funds to cover moving costs, such as rental trucks, storage facilities, and movers. Therefore, it's essential to plan and budget accordingly.

Furthermore, if you're purchasing a new home, it's wise to consider your financial position and ensure you have the necessary funds for down payments, closing costs, and other related expenses. Having a stable financial situation also ensures you don't encounter any financial difficulties during the move.


The best time to move is a combination of factors, including the availability of professional movers, fewer people moving, favorable seasons, weekdays, psychological preparation, lease or rental expiration, and financial stability. Therefore, you should plan and consider all these factors before you move. The goal should be to move as smoothly as possible with minimal interruptions to your daily routine or to have to spend too much money.


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