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Warning: Phone Scammers Targeting Irving Residents

Recently, several residents have reported receiving phone calls with the City of Irving listed on the caller ID. These numbers are spoofed – meaning they appear to be from someone they are not. The scammers have told residents they are with the Medicare Office. Please be aware these are false representations. If a resident receives a similar phone call they should be aware of the following:

  • The City of Irving does not sell, advertise, or solicit Medicare in any way. If someone calls from a city number selling Medicare (or Medicaid), please hang up. 
  • If someone from the city calls asking for personal information, try to get their name and department, hang up, and then call (972) 721-2600 to verify their employment with the city.
  • Do not give out credit card numbers, banking information, or any other type of personally identifiable information to anyone claiming to work for the City of Irving. The City of Irving will never ask for this type of information over the phone.

There are mobile apps such as Call Control and RoboKiller, which are very effective at blocking these types of calls. Residents also can add their information to the National Do Not Call Registry,

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