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Blaze Engulfs Warehouse in Irving, Prompting Multi-Alarm Response

A coordinated response from the Irving Fire Department, along with assistance from neighboring fire departments, successfully brought under control a challenging structure fire that broke out earlier today at a warehouse located at 3700 W. Royal Ln. #160.

The emergency call was received at 2:07 pm, alerting authorities to a potential fire within the warehouse premises. Initial reports indicated that a motorcycle was ablaze, but its precise location within the vast storage facility remained unknown. In a matter of minutes, the first firefighting unit was on the scene by 2:11 pm, and upon arrival, firefighters observed a light haze permeating the warehouse interior.

Recognizing the potential severity of the situation, emergency responders swiftly escalated the incident to a second alarm, intensifying their efforts to contain and extinguish the blaze. Equipped with fire hoses and protective gear, the firefighters delved into the immense space in search of the source of the fire.

The combination of smoke-filled conditions and towering stacks of pallets posed considerable challenges to the firefighting efforts. As the situation grew more complex, it became evident that additional manpower would be required to effectively combat the flames. Consequently, command authorities made the critical decision to upgrade the response to a third alarm, prompting the activation of mutual aid protocols and involving multiple fire departments in the operation.

In total, there were 35 pieces of equipment. The fire was called under control at 4:23 pm. The business has reported that all employees have been accounted for and there were no reported injuries.

The Irving Fire Department expressed its deep gratitude to the Dallas and DFW fire departments for their invaluable support during the firefighting operation. Additionally, a special commendation was extended to the Coppell Fire Department, which provided vital coverage for various sectors of the city while Irving's firefighting personnel were fully engaged at the scene of the fire.

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