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DFW Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project May Result in Increased Noise for Some Irving Residents

DFW International Airport has announced plans to undertake a significant runway rehabilitation project set to commence this fall. While this essential endeavor aims to enhance the airport's infrastructure, it may inadvertently lead to an uptick in noise for certain Irving residents residing near flight tracks.

The project is slated to span from the fall of 2023 through the fall of 2024, will focus on rehabilitating the primary east side departure runway at DFW Airport. This runway plays a pivotal role in handling 50% of the airport's daily departures, underscoring its critical importance to the facility's operations.

As a result of the rehabilitation efforts, there will be a temporary shift in airplane traffic to alternative runways during the project's duration. This operational change, while necessary, is anticipated to bring about heightened noise levels for communities in proximity to Valley View Lane and W. Walnut Hill Lane. The most significant impact is projected to be felt from late summer 2023 through early summer 2024, during which time residents might experience increased noise levels compared to their usual environment.

 DFW Airport has a specialized Noise team tasked with diligently monitoring noise levels in the area. Additionally, the airport has an online resource where the public can visually track noise patterns in and around the facility, fostering transparency and open communication.

DFW Airport's official project documentation includes a statement outlining their careful consideration of the noise impact on surrounding neighborhoods. The airport conducted thorough noise modeling, as mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to gauge the potential effects of the project on noise exposure.

According to the noise modeling results, "The modeled noise indicates there are generally no temporary noise 'impacts' except for a small area in the City of Irving. The multi-family buildings between the Airport property and State Hwy 161 may experience a temporary noise increase as aircraft operations are temporarily shifted to Runway 17L/35R during the full runway closure of 17R/35L. DFW will reach out to these residents to ensure they are aware of the closure."

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