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Austin Police Searching for Woman Accused of Kidnapping Pregnant Woman and 2 Children

Austin police are searching for a woman accused of kidnapping a pregnant woman and two children to get a ransom. An arrest warrant was issued for 33-year-old Anecia Thacker.

At 9:40 p.m. on Wednesday, September 14, two women reportedly pulled up to a gas pump at the Apple Mart in Southeast Austin at 2101 Wickersham Lane. The arrest warrant states the driver went inside to pay for the gas and left a pregnant woman and two children in the vehicle. The car was running, and the doors were unlocked. While the driver was inside the convenience store, Austin police say a white Nissan 4-door sedan without a front license plate pulled up at the adjacent gas pump. A woman reportedly got out of the Nissan sedan and approached the victims' vehicle.

The affidavit reads, “The woman then opened the door and got into the driver seat. She was holding a dagger-style knife in her hand.”

Police say the suspect drove off with the woman and children onto East Riverside Drive and an unidentified man driving the Nissan sedan followed them.

The affidavit reads, “The woman repeatedly told her to send money, a ransom, to her Cash App account or the man behind them would shoot the car up.”

Police say the victim was “in imminent fear of injury and death, for herself, her unborn child, and the two children in the back seat.”

Police say after getting $104, the suspect pulled over in a nearby neighborhood. She reportedly got out of the victims’ car and got into the Nissan sedan that police say was driven by an unknown Hispanic man who was said to have a gun in his lap.

According to police, statements from the victims were corroborated by surveillance video taken at the convenience store. CBS Austin requested access to the surveillance video, but police said sharing it would compromise the integrity of the investigation.


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