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Cedar Hill, Texas News

Woman Receives Life in Prison for Murder of Cedar Hill Minister

Khennedi Thorton

In a recent court case, Khennedi Thorton has been found guilty of capital murder in the case of Roman Caldwell, who was shot on July 28, 2020.  Caldwell was a minister in Cedar Hill, known for working with children with autism and help single mothers.

Thorton's trial was held with Drew Taylor serving as the lead attorney, Emily Antram as the second chair, and John Davison as the DA Investigator. The investigation was conducted by the Cedar Hill Police Department.

The incident unfolded when Roman Caldwell, the victim, sought help by stumbling to his neighbor's residence, having sustained a gunshot wound to his side. During the subsequent 911 call, Caldwell identified the Instagram username of the person responsible for the robbery and shooting. This information led the Cedar Hill police to obtain a search warrant for the Instagram account, which was linked to Cailyn McCurdy. Investigation records revealed that McCurdy and another individual, Travion Hanson, had conspired to rob Caldwell of his money and marijuana.

Detectives proceeded to obtain a search warrant for Cailyn McCurdy's phone, where they discovered a text message sent to the defendant, Khennedi Thorton, just before the 911 call. The message instructed Thorton to inform two other individuals, Eric and Trey, to initiate the robbery. Thorton admitted to receiving and acting upon this text message during interviews with detectives.

Despite repeated advisements from the State that going to trial was not in her best interest, Thorton maintained that she did not believe she had committed any wrongdoing. However, the court found her guilty of capital murder, and she has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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