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Coppell, Texas News

Rise in 'Jugging' Incidents: Coppell Police Warn Residents to Stay Vigilant

The Coppell Police Department has reported that there were nine reported cases of Burglary of Motor Vehicles in the month of October. However, there are some alarming details that are not immediately apparent from the statistics.

Out of the nine reported incidents, two of them were the result of a criminal activity known as "jugging." Jugging is a term used to describe a situation where a perpetrator follows an individual who has just made a withdrawal from a financial institution. The criminal will tail the victim until they make a stop and break into their vehicle once they are out of sight. This practice is based on the assumption that most people prefer not to carry a significant amount of cash on their person, making them vulnerable targets.

Even more concerning, three out of the nine reported incidents occurred on the same date and at the same time in the parking lot of a local gym. This suggests a potential pattern of criminal activity in the area, raising concerns for the safety of gym-goers and their vehicles.

Coppell law enforcement authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and take note of their surroundings. If individuals suspect that they are being followed or feel unsafe, they are advised to call 911 immediately. While the police department does not want to foster paranoia, they emphasize the importance of personal safety and encourage residents to stay aware of their surroundings to prevent becoming victims of these crimes.

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